Philip Dodson Blog

Interruptions. Arghhhhh.

Social media notifications, text messages, email, phone calls, Slack notifications, and the list goes on.

What would happen if you switched it all off?

Actually not very much, well not very much that would be bad.

I now work in 90 minute blocks (thank you Bernie Mitchell for the inspiration, last year!!) and it has taken a while to master. I have 4 x 90 minute slots a day, where I close all windows, except the one I am working in. Then I take a 20 minute break in between slots.

I put the phone to do not disturb, so no notifications come up and of course if it is urgent from a selected caller, it will come up if there is repeated calls.

What has happened by turning off the interruptions? I have got more done, and by focusing on less things.

Have I become an outcast or excommunicated? No, in fact I am more connected with the right people. As a by product of being more productive, I have been able to spend more quality time on connecting with others.

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