Stick to what you believe in

Easier said than done sometimes. We have decided at Team Dodson to stop using Amazon.

Amazon use a lot of temporary staff and pay them poorly. Then they pay virtually no tax, only £4.2M on £4bn of turnover.

So they use us to make huge profits, kill UK small businesses, and then contribute nothing back into the country that they make their money in.

Yet the rest of us have to pay tax, see austerity measures put in place and see many cut backs effecting our lives. If Amazon paid their fair share of tax, then we’d have more money to provide the important things in society. Also if they paid their staff better, then their staff could also enjoy their lives a bit more and be able to afford the things that would make life better.

However, I now realise just how much we all depend on something like Amazon. First is the convenience of just sitting at home/work and just clicking and then the product appears. Also, it is usually cheaper and some things you can’t find elsewhere.

But we are determined that we are going to stop using them and it isn’t easy initially. However if you want to make change it isn’t easy.

I takes a bit longer to find stuff, but most of the suppliers to Amazon have their own sites and often deliver. Yes it does mean going back to the old fashioned ways of going to a shop. It may mean paying a bit more. However, you hope by paying a bit more that the alternative suppliers pay their staff better and that they pay their taxes.

Something I’ve learnt in life, the best things and right things often require hard work to get. So if you don’t like Amazon, or anything else, the best way to change it is to stop supporting them, even if it is hard.

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