Do you like to moan?

Do you like to moan? – by Philip Dodson


I used to listen to people who moaned and thought god I never want to end up like that, they must be really miserable.

However, in last couple of years without realising it – the weather, the news, train delays, speed of the internet, what’s on TV, the neighbour’s dog, the car parked opposite, the noise the children are making, that dirty cup left……..and that’s was just my abbreviated list. Whatever it may have been, I realised I had joined their ranks and I had become an habitual moaner.

What turned me in to a moaner?

I became a moaner because I wasn’t happy in what I was doing, so I blamed others and as you start to do that, like anything in life it becomes habitual. The more you do it the deeper the habit becomes, to the point that you don’t realise you are doing it.

So about 6 months ago I sorted my life out, launched a new bsuiness, became massively happy again and I am loving my life the most I ever have.

A big part of that change was stopping the moaning. I realised that nothing productive came from any moaning that I had done.

My business and all my relationships suffered, as guess what? most people don’t like moaners, well except other moaners and even they moan about each other.

So do yourself a massive favour, if you find that you are an habitual moaner, or even if you have just started, stop doing it now.

It is hard to start with, but like anything, if you have the will power to defeat it, you will be amazed how much better you feel even within a few days.

Here are some of the things that worked for me:

  1. I stopped reading newspapers/wathcing the news – they sell on bad news and they will feed your habit more than anything else. Guess what? if something really bad has happened, like a nuclear war, you’ll find out about it – because it will get a lot hotter!
  2. I  moved away from other moaners, I changed the circle of people who influenced my life.
  3. I got others to join me – especially at home. I recently listened to Steve Clarke @uksalesmentor talk about this very thing, challenging everyone to stop complaining for 7 days. I really does work.
  4. I focused my energies on the things I loved and instead of talking, I got back to doing. This is a big one, as when you do things, you achieve things. Achieiving stuff in life makes you happy and then you don’t want to moan anymore.

So the next time you start to complain or moan, think first and think the thing I am about to moan about, will moaning change it?

Also think what can I DO to change the issue or situation that i was going to moan about. If you can make a change, then do it, if not don’t moan.

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