A light on the horizon – the new world of sharing

A light on the horizon – the new world of sharing – by Philip Dodson

light on horizon

Most of us have been brought up in a society that worshiped, not at the shrine of some ‘god’, but at the shrine of consumerism and materialism.

The past was all about accumulating and owning stuff. It was about working like slaves for the corporation, in order to get enough money to buy more bigger and better stuff. That way, we could show off to others how successful we had been, as we had accumulated stuff that was bigger and better than theirs.

The world was all about trampling over others to get to the ‘top’, to get that big corporate title etched on to the door of the exec office, to own the big house, the big car……

Now there is a light starting to shine on the horizon, that will give many of us that are tired of the old failed system hope – that is the light of sharing.

Why do we need to own everything?

The world is already bulging at the seams with people, 7 billion of us and counting, ‘hoovering up’ the world’s natural resources at an unsustainable rate.

So people are slowly starting to question the consumerist world, the world that makes us discontent in order to ensure we consume more.

Do you need to own a car? Driver-less cars will soon be a reality that means we can share with others. Do we need to own a desk/office that we use for roughly 45% of the time? Co-working hubs have made that a thing of the past. There are more and more examples of sharing resources that mean the precious resources we have can last longer.

By sharing ownership of stuff means we don’t need to earn as much money to keep getting the latest and biggest thing to show off. By breaking away from the consumerist curse of being permanently discontented, means we can focus on the important things in life, people, family, community, helping others and not focusing on money and things.

The other big thing about a sharing economy is not just sharing materials, but also we don’t have to own ideas either. Sharing ideas means that we can collaborate with others to improve them and create more opportunity for all.

We all must act if this change is to happen, we have to change our mindset and turn our backs on the consumerist world that has lead to so much discontent in the developed world.

We supposedly have everything, yet there is so much unhappiness. Time to reconnect to what is important in our lives. When we are on our death bed, will we look back at all the stuff we had? or will we be able to look back with satisfaction on the people we shared and enjoyed our life with? I know which one I am opting for.

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