Desperate to fit in at the start-up circus


There is an ever growing desperation to fit in, to be part of the crowd.

Let’s pivot, be authentic, investor ready, get that deck done and go out a find a VC, Angel, Crowd meal ticket to a short-cut.

No, don’t, please.

Speak plainly, speak from the heart, do not spend your life regurgitating other peoples words, have something to say yourself, be bold, speak out loud from the heart about what really, really, really matters to you. Show that genuine burning desire in all that you do.

Do not be scared about what others think or say, do not be frightened to say what is really on your mind, it will be more interesting, different and so what if it is a bit controversial, a bit risky. Risky is remarkable, safe is boring.

Don’t sit listening to platitudes, don’t sit listening to soulless people delivering words devoid of meaning. Don’t clap and nod in agreement, when deep down you know you’d rather chew your arm off than listen to any more of this painful process driven banality.

That does not mean being outrageously insulting and rude for the sake of it. That doesn’t mean that you shut yourself off. But if you speak genuinely based on your values and what matters deep in your heart, then the people who matter will appreciate it, the ones who don’t like it, well they are not part of your tribe and they do not matter. If you listen to your own intuition and listen to your inner voice, then you will break free from this life sucking circus that ‘entrepreneurship’ and ‘start-ups’ have become.

I hear many people say stuff, without passion, without care, and I see people sit there and listen, who equally do not care, but they are desperate to fit in, desperate to be part of the crowd.

Well, don’t fit in, break free of the crowd, set yourself free from jargon, soulless babble and speak your true mind and build your own audience of rebels, free spirits and people who have a passion.

Build something based on your values, build something sustainable, be patient and don’t sell out to others, no matter how tempting their money might be to short-cut success.

The people who peddle the jargon, who peddle the need for an investor, the people who offer bland ‘paint by numbers’ short-cuts to success are selling your dream to someone else or selling you their service.

Stand up, be brave, be bold and be different. Don’t jump on that start-up merry-go-round, stay away from the circus.

I need money


I hear a great deal of talk about needing money to build ‘my business’, ‘I’m ambitious’ and people seem completely wrapped up with this need. Often as there are plenty of ‘vultures’ circling the start up circus.

But do we ever stop to think, why do we need the money?

This might seem too obvious to ask.

You need people, you need space, you need a new website, an App, you need to have a salary to survive, you must have a bigger business…and the list can go on.

So let’s go further, sure you need money for the above things, but do you stop and ask why do I need that stuff?

We seem now unable to think first about the passion and reason why we do what we do, we seem to want to follow some paint by numbers formula for growing business, often not even thinking why we want this ‘big’ business.

So my take is, don’t borrow money, unless it is so critical, to something that is more substantial than just the need to follow a ‘plan’ or to ‘have a big business’.

Work out what matters to you, be patient and grow your passion organically and enjoy the journey, have fun and then reap the rewards that will bring you.

You will then have the time to do the things that matter in life, it is likely that your business will do something meaningful, that will enhance your’s and the lives of the people you share your creations with.

Money has to be paid back, money won’t make your business remarkable, and you’ll need to dance to someone else’s tune. When money becomes the agenda, either to make or to take, then it sucks out the soul.

Choose yourself, build with passion, create something of meaning to the people you choose and then spend your time doing the things you love. Where money fits into that, I have no idea, but you often need it when you are seeking a short-cut.