The anticipation of anything is either better or worse than the actual thing when it happens.

Most often we anticipate the worst, it’s a default setting. And I mean the very worst that our minds can conjure up. The anticipation will last until we do the thing, and that can mean a lifetime of anticipation and pain.

Perhaps, it’s better to enjoy what we have now and stop anticipating more or simply to do the things we fear now. This way we cut out all the pain of anticipating something painful that most often is not.

A lifetime filled with anticipation is often a lifetime filled with fear and pain.

The final thing to consider, if we have to anticipate, then anticipate only good things. It’s a choice we can make.

Life is like Tetris

Success in Tetris is not just about placing the block quickly or well. The most vital element and the key to success is looking at what blocks are coming up.

Anticipating what’s coming next and making a plan to what your next move could be is key as the pressure mounts.

We can learn from play and in life we need to look up and see what’s coming towards us, especially as we approach key stages or deadlines.

All too often we react to what is there and not to what could be possible. Anticipation is vital.