The downward trickle of accepting everything

As a human race increasingly we are blissfully unaware that we on a slow, but steady, downward trickle to accepting almost everything.

Things that are said or done now would previously have lead to almost revolution, but certainly violent protest and rebellion. From the large to the insignificantly small slowly but surely our say, choice, freedoms, rights, and much more are being eroded.

Even as consumers we accept almost anything large corporations will dictate to us and when we do try to complain or vote with our feet we are disarmed by an array of music on hold, different departments, small print in contracts, extra costs and time-depleting bureaucracy.

As citizens, authorities from governments, councils, law enforcement, schools and so on dictate to us, no longer are they public servants there to protect, represent and work for us, now the opposite is the case, we are lucky to have them and should simply comply with all they say and do.

We are completely living in fear of saying the wrong thing and upsetting or offending some group or person knowing that the near apoplectic indigent trolls of today’s all intrusive and addictive social media will be posied to destroy us, so we never really say what we think.

We comply with everything again fear bound of the potential consequences that have been impregnated into our minds by parents, teachers, bosses, the media, the authorities and anyone else who is still plugged into the ‘matrix’ of fear peddled by those who wish to control us.

Not only are we in a state of constant fear of germs, immigration, terrorism, global warming, violence, crime, failure of anything and everything, and the bogey man, we are also increasingly seeing the tiny few that have created this get more and more obscenely wealthy at the same time as the masses in the world are facing an increasing reduction in their well-being financially, mentally, and physically.

We are in a dark age as a human race and there is little or no meaning for most people’s existence, simple cogs in the owner’s machine that can be replaced easily by another. The world is lacking in spirituality, kindness, empathy, love, compassion and humanity.

Is it not time to look to a different model? Is it not time to think about our purpose? Or life? Why we are here? Is it not time to stop the endless downgrading of us as people?

The challenge is, it is impossible to escape prison if you don’t know you are in it.

Hope always rises, things change, people awaken and become enlightened and a new golden age will emerge and it is a choice to be part of that narrative or not. If we think we are too small to make a difference, then try sleeping in a room with a mosquito said a very spiritual and wise person.

2 thoughts on “The downward trickle of accepting everything

  1. I have never found myself blissfully unaware, because for the first 15-25 odd/even years of my life I had to be in survival mode. Here, if you snooze, you lose. Now as I’m happy to report, and not living under a bridge, I’m still aware of what’s going on in the world, but it’s just to know how, when, where, and why, weaving and bobbing is prudent, necessary, and sometimes even fun!

    Interestingly enough however, to say this to many people I run into would be met with sour faces, and sideways looks. People who are living in fear wonder why I am not. People who prefer to remain unaware wonder why I am not personally ok with that. So, I accept that they accept where they are in their lives, and continue to live my life both eyes open. It is my hope that perhaps I encourage more by my example than by seeming to have found a higher and better purpose for being!

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