Putting the cart before the horse

This is what most businesses do.

They focus on the detail or the benefits of their products or services before actually looking at why their business even exists.

Like choosing what food to put on your restaurant’s menu before you’ve clearly defined the concept.

We go for the easy as we can all talk about what we do or the benefits of our offerings. It’s much harder to talk about our company’s purpose or why we do what we do.

If you start with a purpose, a mission, what you stand for, the business’s values and then it’s so much easier to get the details right and align everything.

It’s then easier for the right people to fall in love with what you do.

Mass produced generic services and products that sell on benefits and features are in a one way race to the bottom and very few remember them when they’re gone.

Long lasting businesses that people care about take time and a willingness to follow a mission, a purpose and stick to it.

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