Get closer

Hating someone based on the mass media and what the voice of the establishment says is easy. You don’t know those people and therefore it is not personal. It is easy to get sucked into the dehumanising of vast numbers of faceless people and to join in.

The politicians and media have created a hate-fueled polarised society where we have to choose sides, good vs evil etc, where everything has been oversimplified and we are only present an either/or. Life is full of many shades and many different options and views than just two.

If we get closer to people and get to know them, it is more often difficult to hate them as they become the real people who are perhaps work colleagues, neighbours and so on.

Perhaps if we only ever made our evaluations based on our own individual personal life experiences the world be less hateful and vastly better.

Hate is sold easily when it’s not personal or even real.

Real people matter and the closer we get to all of our fellow humans regardless of who they are, the closer we get to solving our differences and seeing things differently.

Today’s blog is inspired by the fab new book by Brene Brown ‘Braving the wilderness’. If you have not yet seen or read her work, she is a life-changing professor and author.

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