How much do you want to pay?



That is the answer you are likely to get when you ask someone that question. Some may be kind and not want to offend. Most will see it as you not being confident in what you have to offer.

Most transactions are not decided on how much as a number, they are decided on by value.

More often people will choose the higher priced service or product. We are not looking for cheap. We are looking for something that we want and if you can offer what we want, then the price is not an issue. Well, ultimately, there will always be a price that will start to deter even the most ardent fan. But it is generally much, much, higher than we realise or think and we’re not likely to reach that point.

We buy on confidence and when you are not confident it won’t matter how low your price is, no one will buy it and the lower you go, the more confidence will fall in your product or service.

Instead, we could be thinking about how much value can I provide and how can I make it better value, not how cheaply can I offer it.

Price is irrelevant, value is everything.

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