1, 2, 3..Go


Autumn and winter bring our limbic ‘chimp’ brains into action. It’s chilly, raining, dark, we’re lacking some sunshine to boost our energy. It’s 6am the alarm has gone, the bed is warm and the snooze button is just inches away.

Before your chimp has a chance to convince you on the merits of an extra time in bed, just say ‘1,2,3,…go’ and as you count 1, pull the covers back, 2, put your feet down, and 3, up you get.

Try it and feel better for starting the day and not regretting that 1/2 hour or longer snooze.

It’s a great habit to apply to other things that we might be procrastinating on.

Just by focusing on the counting stops the brain from rummaging through the ‘excuses’ cabinet and stopping you from acting.

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