I don’t know how to


Often when faced with a change or a new task, especially one that is likely to take us out of our comfort zone, we use the reason for not starting as ‘I don’t know how to do….’.

So we become stuck and then we search around for other reasons too not to do.

Yet we live in a time where the clever people at Google have indexed almost all the world’s knowledge, courses, coaches, advisors etc into a very simple and easy to use search engine. We can simply type ‘how to…..’ and up will come enough results to keep us occupied for a very long time.

In addition, the kind people at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other networks have made it as easy as typing these words to connect with almost anyone who could help us anywhere in the world.

So we can easily access people to help us, we can access billions and billions of websites, articles, pieces of information and so on. We can even ask real people around us to help.

Yet we still say ‘I don’t know how to do…..’.

Perhaps there is something else holding us back? Perhaps we are frightened to learn as that might mean doing something and becoming successful.

‘I don’t know how to…’ is just an excuse.

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