The result is not what matters


In contests, elections, races, whatever it is in life that ends in a result, a winner or a loser, it is not the result that matters.

The world is not changed by the outcome of one ‘race’ or another.

It is people who make the difference, not just the others, us.

How we react to the result of something is an individual choice.

Sure, if it doesn’t go our way, the natural human reaction is to blame ignorance, the other side’s behaviour and so on. A form of breaking up our crayons.

However, a different opinion does not imply ignorance and in fact, ignorance could easily be reserved for people who can not comprehend or accept that our opinion is not the only one, that’s assuming we need to even level ignorance on anyone.

The effects of the results of races depend on whether you want to sit and moan, or whether you want to take part in the change that you wanted.

After all, if we fell into a pot of doom and gloom and spat insults out every time a result went against us, we would never inspire any difference in the world.

Fear leads us to visualise the very worst after a ‘bad’ result. Yet that is often before anything has actually happened. Predicting the future is at best clutching at straws. Better to try and create the future we want through our actions rather than polishing up our crystal balls.

If you don’t like the result, be part of the change that brings a different result in the next race. However, be prepared if or when you ‘win’, the other ‘team’ might just do the same next time.

In other words, nothing is forever, we can always change something, but not through insults, fear and crying in our tea.

It’s over, rise up strong like the Phoenix from the ashes and build what you wanted.

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