Resistance is futile


Apart from being something, I think Darth Vadar says to someone in Star Wars, resistance is futile.

We go against our own inner voice at times and rather than be vulnerable and open up to our true self, we swim against things, or put shields up to ‘protect’ ourselves.

This has a good deal to do with the shaming and fear based society we live in.

However, we go against what we really feel in our hearts at times, frightened of letting go. That does not mean we have to aimlessly meander through life with no purpose whatsoever.

Once you learn to let go, stop resisting, step away from our demons or our fears, it is like a huge weight has been lifted off us. We become open instead of closed, happy instead of anxious and we let so much more into our lives.

Just think how much we deny ourselves, how much we miss out on, all because resistance.

We often resist the very things that we think we are striving to achieve. We believe we want happiness, love, kindness, to belong, yet we resist ourselves and others because even though we think we want these things, we are equally frightened of them.

Let go, stop resisting, open up to life and see what happens, after all, resisting hasn’t achieved much and is pointless.

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