Add something


When we criticise, judge, hate, shame or confront others and ourselves, then we take something away, we remove something from our lives and others.

Our society controls us by encouraging much of that behaviour. However, without those negative influences, we would not behave like that. We are not born knowing how to take away from ourselves or others, we are taught too.

When we share a smile, laughter, music, art, kindness, love, friendship, singing, writing, knowledge, our food, our water, whatever it is, that will make us happy and others. This is what makes life worthwhile. This always brings joy.

Imagine if all 7 billion of us focused first on adding to our own lives and then the lives of others, what a difference that would make to the human race.

It’s just a habit that we can all change, switch off the negative world soundtrack and add your own music and sunshine to life and to the world.

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