It’s my idea, I couldn’t possibly share it


The accepted thinking has been that we should keep our ideas to ourselves and be very careful about just how much we divulge to others. This is driven by the fear that others will steal them and run off and do it before we can. Also, it is about controlling knowledge to use as a tool to maintain power over others.

The reality is the complete opposite, sharing out loud your ideas with people is the best thing that you can do to enhance and improve your ideas. Giving your knowledge to others is the best way to create change and to bring ideas to fruition.

Naturally, you have to share them with the right people who you can trust to add value rather than judge or simply criticise. You have to connect with your tribe who share your values and then be confident to share with them, knowing that it is for the good of all.

It does not mean that you have to listen to others, that’s still your choice, but to not do so is denying yourself the chance of making the ‘killer’ improvement that turns a good idea into a great one. It is denying your network and your community the opportunity to be involved in your ideas.

Sharing is the future for the world, not controlling or holding back.

We’ve lived through the non-sharing world and it has lead to a tiny few having all the control over the rest.

Open source everything, share your ideas, collaborate and create better things for the world.

The fact is, people rarely run off with our ideas and if they do, they are not you and will do it differently. It is not about competing, it is about collaborating. It is about involving your network in making a difference for all.

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