Letting others down


In life, we are often concerned or even preoccupied with the fear of letting others down.

‘Oh, I can’t do x, as I don’t want to let ‘so & so’ down’.

The thing is, why are we not so concerned about letting ourselves down?

We are taught always to think of others first and when we don’t we are often shamed for doing so by peers.

We need to turn that around and stop letting ourselves down, stop missing our deadlines, stop holding back on the things that make us happy. Stop feeling guilty about others as we could be accountable to ourselves first.

In doing so, we are much less likely to let others down. If we are happy, fulfilled and achieving what matters to us, then we are better placed when needed to be helpful, reliable and supportive of others.

Often, though, it is when other people are letting themselves down that others are needed to step in.

It’s not being selfish to think about ourselves, it is helping us to be happy. Surely that will count to the right people around us.

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