Eyes wide open

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We live in a truly amazing world.

We are surrounded by amazing things, structures, wildlife, nature, people, images and so much more.

Even in our urban worlds we are surrounded by so much nature.

Yet on a day to day basis how much of it do we really see?

How often do we ever stop on our daily commute and take a moment to take in the world around us? Do we ever pull our cars over, park and watch the world? Do we ever get off the train and just sit on the station bench and watch?

When was the last time we spent any time looking up at the buildings around us?

When did we just sit in a park and listen to birds singing?

We all miss out on so much that goes on around us, as often we are in a rush somewhere, we are on schedule.

Maybe it is time to occasionally take a pause, appreciate the world that we live in.

Live life with our eyes wide open and remove the blinkers of our daily schedules, even if it is for a moment each day.

We could all be amazed by what we might see.

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