There’s an A bomb in Wardour Street

So went the song by the Jam on the ‘All Mod Cons’ album of 1978.

We’ve had the threat of MAD (mutually assured destruction) from a nuclear war, we’ve had ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ wars, swine flu, bird flu, AIDS, the Mayan predictions and a whole list of certain endings of the human race.

Fear is a tool used by the myth makers to control us, to keep us focused on listening to them, as of course they always know how to save us.

We have our list now. Terrorism, immigrants, global warming, oil running out (it’s been running out all my life, still seems to be plenty of it) and cyber crime.

The thing is you can choose to live in constant fear or you can accept that there have, and always will be challenges. Challenges are what makes life exciting.

There is a phrase ‘the coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave person just one’.

Stop listening and taking in fear and focus on living life.

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