Life happens at the edge


If you always stay in the middle of the circle, in the middle of your comfort zone with the crowd, sure it is safe and cosy. It is what we are encouraged to do, right from the beginning of our lives, be safe. But rebel, do not accept cosy.

The things that you will remember at the end of your life’s journey happen at the edges of the circle, where there is the most risk. That does not have to be recklessness and foolishly endangering your life, there is a lot for all of us in between dangerous and safe.

The closeness to the edges and the circles we choose are all subjective and should be what is right for us. But the further you go from the centre, the more risk increases and the more the opportunity for feeling alive does too.

It takes a habit forming routine of overcoming the fear of being vulnerable, mostly mentally and sometimes physically. It takes a willingness to overcome our inner self, the biggest hurdle to letting go.

If we never push ourselves out to the edges of our circle, then we miss bumping into other circles, we miss the chance to move to another zone, we miss seeing what is at the very edge of our zone.

Life is about experiences, not possessions. Personalise it to what you want, but don’t stay in the middle.

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