Sometimes in life, it rains


It is not possible to only have sunny days, sometimes in life, it rains. Sometimes it is torrential and goes on for hours or even days.

Life is like the weather, there are good and bad days.

We need both the sun and the rain in life, without them, there would be no life. The darker moments and rainy days in our lives serve a purpose too.

They help us appreciate the good things in life more, they help us learn and how we deal with them is a choice.

We can choose to allow the rainy days to bring us down, we can choose to ignore the fact that the sun always returns and we can choose to allow them to influence how we see ourselves and the situation.

Naturally, we can choose the opposite, so we decide what to make to them no one else.

Whatever it is in life, it is never as bad as we programme ourselves to think and it passes.

Cherish the sunny days and let go of the rainy ones.

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