Grow up

grow up

No thanks.

We are told from a very early age by teachers, parents, society that we need to ‘grow up’.

What does that really mean?

What like grow up like ‘adults’?

I am not really sure what ‘grown up’ means, it is perhaps defined by the system to be the desired outcome of becoming an adult.

So grown up means, working, paying taxes, getting married, having kids, being serious, being good boys and girls, and doing as we are told.

Getting old is mandatory, we will all age, but deciding to be ‘grown up’ is a choice, not something you have to do because you are say 25 or 50 or 70.

At what age is it unacceptable to not be grown up?

I will be 50 this year, the most miserable part of my life was when I became grown up and serious, I am now back to being free and rebellious again, and happy.

So don’t give up your freedom of enjoying life, having fun, being silly, messing about and being disobedient. Don’t opt to die at 20 then buried at 75.

Never grow up, stay young, free, childish and happy whatever your age.

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