What are the alternatives?


There are moments in life that we all face, when it seems that we are out of options.

We face a difficult issue and panic kicks in or other emotions cloud our minds.

Life is just a series of choices, and how deal with any situation in our life is a matter of choices. All too often, though we tell ourselves that we have no choice, there are no alternatives.

The good news is, there is always an alternative. It starts with an alternative mindset, one that is positive, one that knows that any situation passes and resolves itself, just as long as we choose to resolve it.

The only reason we get stuck is we look at the situation not at the solutions. We tend to react in that same way as before, even though that reaction hasn’t worked, we still do it again and again. Habitual behaviour dominates our daily lives.

We have been programmed to look for problems not solutions. We say ‘I’ve tried that, nothing seems to work’.

An open and positive mind, one that is prepared to allow us to be vulnerable, will allow us to seek different solutions. We have to be prepared to change, do things differently and be prepared to compromise. Often the win at all costs mentality that is so dominant in society, does not allow for alternatives to be explored.

Ultimately it is all a choice.

There is always another option.

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