Money off

Money off could be useful if you actually needed something.

However, most of the Black Friday spending will be on items we as humans don’t really need and often we’re replacing a slightly outdated version of the same thing, perhaps purchased a year previously via a ‘too good to be missed’ Black Friday deal.

When we sit an analyse our life, it is unlikely that we will cherish the often dubious savings we made on items of no real use other than to satisfy our egos and to give us something to exchange the trinkets we were so lucky to receive for working for the industrialised corporate machine.

We could choose to stop looking for money off and savings. Perhaps we could spend our time instead actually giving to others who really do need something.

Money off stuff we do not need so that we can buy more of it with the savings we make – it’s insanity when you stop to analyse it.

Black Friday – lets eat the planet


It’s the eve of a dark day for humanity.

It is the day that now symbolises perfectly how far the industrialised global machine has come on the road to total compliance. We are under their spell, like zombies, many will shuffle to the retail shrines and consume everything in their paths, with no regard for anything, other than their own instant gratification.

That is what years of indoctrination and brainwashing has done to the majority of the human race.

What has happened to our soul’s or individualism? What has happened to anything meaningful, rather than their sickening encouragement for us to keep consuming?

Why have we traded our lives for a gigantic spending fest?

There is now so little imagination left in the bland, homogenised and manipulative spell that the corporate system has over the vast masses. All they can do is manipulate the near lifeless corpse that is the human race to spend more and more by price.

Our planet is being destroyed at an ever alarming rate to enable us to consume yet more and more worthless, meaningless items, that only benefits the elite.

But it is all a myth, money is not real, wealth is only of any use to the elite, so long as we keep believing their myths. Why do we still do this to ourselves?

What’s real is, the entire human race are being driven, by the very few, to almost literally eat the planet up.

But what use will their wealth be then? How much longer can we sustain this? When will we stop following this false flag world? What will happen to all the stuff we consume?

I believe we exist for something much more than this.