Already peeled oranges

You can buy them at a supermarket, and instead of having the protective skin that they naturally grew on the tree with, they are boxed inside a plastic container.

Convenience all around, the retailer does not have to face damages and the consumer does not have to waste time peeling the orange.

So with all this ‘convenience’ what are we doing with all the extra time we now have since we have time save by contactless payments, microwave meals, already peeled oranges, online shopping and so on, we must have so much more free-time right?

Convenience is not progress, it means more spending, more doing, more of everything, including plastic and not orange peel. Sure, we can do so much more in the same amount of time and yet end up being less fulfilled and more disconnected with no time ever to appreciate the things that we are actually doing because we have conveniently moved onto the next thing.

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