The fear of not doing something

Often, you read about our fears of doing something or starting something or saying something.

Actually, the reverse is often the case, we fear not doing something or stopping just as much.

We continue doing something as we fear if we stop it will change how others see us, it threatens our ego, our self-image, so rather than stop, we carry on even if it brings us pain and we know deep within us it is the wrong thing to do. We carry on doing things in order to fit in, to be accepted, so we feel we belong.

Fear is what the mind creates and is felt in the body and is associated with the psychological imagine threats to our self-image, not any real physical danger. Whether we fear to do or we fear to stop, it is all in our mind and a choice we make. Why carry on metaphorically ‘stabbing ourselves with a fork’ and inflicting pain?

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