It is interesting in our overly media-soaked world how so much of the ‘offence’ that people take from others words simply because things are no longer taken in context.

This state of near hysterical overreaction and fake offence to nearly everything is damaging the very real injustices that happen all over the world on a daily basis. So real child abuse, sexual abuse, racism, genocide and so on are lost in a gigantic avalanche of constant upset at the very trivial that is turned into a frenzy by the indigent on social media.

Then add the hijacking of literally every cause by some clever corporate marketing campaign and then the net result is that real offence and injustice gets lost. There is so much outrage due to a lack of context that people have become anaesthetised to the outrage.

Funny how we have become so angry about the trivial stuff that is whipped up by the media and completely out of context, yet the real human misery and injustice is ignored.

Let’s give a fuck about things that really matter and not allow the trivial to swallow them up.

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