A broken record

Those old enough will know that if you play a broken record, it will keep playing as the stylus gets stuck in the rut and the same thing will play over, and over, and over. Until we change the record.

The record won’t change itself we have to do it if we want a different tune.

2 thoughts on “A broken record

  1. Anything repetitious like that drives me batty. I can’t take it for more than a second, then I’m going to change it quick like. It’s the same for me with something in my life that isn’t working, or something that demands that I do it over and over again in the same way. Even daily living exercises get changed up just because I prefer new and different ways of doing them. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to experience the repetitive whirl of anything, especially if it’s no longer serving their highest and best sensibilities. UCK!

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