Who’s got the biggest…

It’s a competition that has been the main stay of business and life for a long time. Driven by consumerism and the crusade to ever bigger profits and money.

Who’s got the biggest car, job title, turnover, house, bank balance and dick. That’s what it boils down to, a macho style bragging rights to who is the biggest.

Perhaps there’s a different paradigm to consider. Not the biggest but who does the things that matter most. Things that make a difference to lives not in a materialistic way but in a meaningful, soulful way.

Small things add up to a big impact. Big is just that, big, it’s only better because we’re told it is, we’re conditioned from day one in our lives.

The real things that matter in life are not determined by size. They are determined by the difference it will make to our lives and others. Something that we will cherish at the end of our journeys.

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