Instruction manual

We as humans are not delivered by Amazon, well not yet, in a box with an instruction manual.

Life is not preset, where everything works perfectly the moment we are unboxed and plugged in. It is not going go without its challenges and even if there was an instruction manual, we’d ignore it or wouldn’t even read it.

The beauty of life is we create our own manual by living, experimenting, testing, trying, and learning as we go, it is not a finished manual, it’s a thing that evolves if we allow it to. We have everything we need to live the life that we desire.

We have to really want what we want and be brave enough to allow ourselves to create the life we want.

We also have to forget the idea that there is perfect path laid out in some instructions or that others can provide us with the magic answers. The answer we have already, we just need to listen, learn and act.

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