4 days in Hvar

So I’m at my 2nd Ouishare Summit, last March I was in Lisbon, and now Hvar Island in Croatia.

So why am I back? Well the first time I went to the Summit in Lisbon was to find out what Ouishare was all about, even though I’d been in the edge of Ouishare in London for many years.

Well I discovered why no one could really explain Ouishare as it’s a collection of communities and people with a fluid vision as it’s constantly evolving, permanent beta is the phrase.

So I’m back to see what’s new, what has changed and to discover more about the people involved. Of course being on an island at hotel with a beach and pool in 20c + sunshine had nothing to do with my decision to come.

So let’s see what 4 days in Hvar will bring and will I leave as inspired as I left Lisbon last year?

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