Being ok with things

In the past I would beat myself up relentlessly about things.

Then finally I realised that it never inspired any improvement or change, not once did I feel good about myself afterwards.

So after years of painful struggle to change the habit, I’ve now reached a place of ‘being ok with things’.

I still fuck up, we all do. I still have days when I don’t achieve much, hey, we all do. I’ve slowly learnt to accept.

OK, I’ll still have the odd beating up session for old time sake. But that’s OK.

Perhaps my mellowness has come with many years of life experience, sure that’s some of it, however, I believe it’s a mindset I could have chosen at any age.

It’s not that I do not care, well actually, I don’t care, it’s only a chance to learn and that’s it, no one died, I survived, and life goes on.

If we just focus on getting even better slightly every day, then that’s the best we can aim for and it’s OK if we don’t.

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