If you reset your life and went again…

What would you change?

What would you not do that you do now?

Would you work harder or less?

Would you travel more?

Would you spend more time or less online?

Would you take more chances?

Would you be riskier or more careful?

There are many choices that we could make if we could reset and play again our lives.

The thing is we can all hit ‘reset’ at any time and live a different life going forward. We can’t get back what’s gone but we can do everything, that we choose to change, differently now and for the rest of our lives.

Nothing is set in stone other than one day our journeys will end.

If you get a chance and want some inspiration for one thing that you might change, I came across this life-changing read today, worth another few minutes to read this – click the link below.

Holly Butcher 1990-2018

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