The child inside us

Inside me, I’m guessing it’s the same for you, hopefully, it’s not just me, still lives the little child. There is little Philip inside me.

If only we’d allow that little person to be part of our lives more. If only we’d recognise them and pay attention to them.

We are pressured to grow up, become an adult. Yet, I still want to be a child, I still want to be the little boy that was once a little boy called Philip. Now I am Dad, now I am a business owner, no I am Phil, now I have to be grown up.

We carry the little person all our lives and it is, I think, hugely important to let that little person be. Philip needs Phil. He needs him to reassure him when things are frightening, he needs a hug, he needs Phil to say ‘there-there’ when he’s had a shit day. Also, though he needs the freedom to be the very little boy he’s always been, to be the child, to be carefree.

I am determined to be there more for the little boy inside me and to let him be and to not to repress it but to show more of it. OK, so I am probably not going to suck my thumb on the train, but I might run through the woods, through the leaves, and shut and jump, why not?

I plan to be more of the little Philip inside me and I don’t care if people don’t consider me an adult. I also plan to care and help that little boy more when he’s unsure.

A child’s life is full of magic and wonder, why kill that with adulthood?

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