No one cares


So I’m sunning it up, I mean working, in Lemnos in Greece, on yet another trip, a joint camp between DNX (digital nomads), Betahaus (coworking space) and my friends at Copass (a pass that lets you cowork in literally 100’s of global locations). Essentially a collection of people from all corners of the globe and of all ages, gathered together to work, connect and have fun.

I hardly ever blog about the day job, mainly as there only so much you can write about messing around, colouring in and talking a lot.

I blogged about this last November while at the Copass camp in Fuerteventura, that coworking is no longer a physical space. Coworking is about the community of people and that community does not depend on the physical space.

Another thing is happening in the world. More people are seeking alternatives beyond just working too. They are seeking alternative ways of living, hence the rise in coliving.

Coworking and coliving are the tools to create alternatives. Now what will naturally come is demand for so much more.

As more people choose this alternative way of working and living in tribes from literally anywhere on the planet. So will come the demand for alternative education. So will come, and is already here, a demand for alternative currency, alternative governance and so on.

The pendulum is starting swing towards a different world, one where people with shared values and needs come together to form strong tribes that can be located anywhere. It is the people that matter not the physical place.

My mate Bernie always jokes (well perhaps it isn’t a joke) when I post pictures of the beach etc on these trips that ‘no one cares’. It’s funny. Up until now no one really cared about coworking, coliving, bitcoin, block chain, alternative schools and so on, well apart from people like me who are involved in it. However, now a lot of people are caring and the world is changing right before our eyes.

A long overdue new OS for the world has been downloaded, is being installed and watch out for updates, it’s coming.

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