A stranger


We pass so many people in the street, or sit next to a person on a train, plane, bus and over the course of a lifetime, we pass by 1,000’s of people.

I wonder how different our lives would be, if say just once a month we stopped for a moment and spoke to one of those strangers? Someone in a bar, next to us at the bus stop, sitting in a park, or in shop.

Over a year that would be 12 different people that we would have spoken to, and who knows where that may have lead.

If once we’d got into the habit of speaking to a stranger more regularly, perhaps we could even speak to a stranger once a week. A stranger is a weird term, it could be neighbour that we have never spoken to.

That would then be 52 strangers that we could have spoken with.

All too often we say ‘I need more opportunities’ – well maybe we just need to think a bit differently as to how we can create them.

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