Force yourself to keep being adaptable


The human species is a master at being adaptable to a changing
environment very rapidly.

When you go away on holiday, your new Air BnB or surfers house or 5
star hotel room immediately becomes ‘home’.

We soon settle in to any environment, even if initially it takes us
out of our comfort zone. Interestingly when faced with no choice but
to adapt, we adapt immediately and accept it, finding out that it was
10 x easier than expected or feared.

That’s how we essentially start, try and do something new.
Yet with our business, job and day to day life, this settling in slows
down as we get comfortable where we are. It becomes pure and simply
repetitive behaviour and we become unwilling to challenge ourselves to
adapt to something new.

While some repetition, especially of successful habits, is essential,
however too much, then leads to inertia. It leads to acceptance and
compliance. We become sterile and our lives become a chore. We become

The solution is to keep challenging ourselves to do more, to create
more, to share our very best and then we keep adapting, we stave off
boredom, compliance and keep life as it was intended to be – fun and

Be brave enough to simply do and then you have no choice but to adapt
to the new environment. Start something and force yourself to adapt –
don’t allow any choice.

Keep moving from one comfort zone to the next and hop your way to a
better, more rewarding and happy life.

After all, we all have an eternity to rest and not adapt.

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