Control is a funny thing, that effects us all as humans. The definition of the word ‘control’ is ‘to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command’.

We often as humans want to exercise direction or dominate others. Why?

Trying to control others is a complete act of futility. When what we should really be doing is focussing on ourselves, the only thing we can ‘control’. Similar in levels of futility, is to wish the past was different, as there are no time machines, then why waste energy on wishing something we can’t change could be different.

Well, control is the same, as if you do manage to ‘dominate’ or ‘control’ someone else, it never ends well. More often though, we expend huge amounts of mental energy trying to control others and it again never has a happy ending.

So often in life, when we realise this and stop trying to control things, suddenly the things we were looking to see happen by trying to control, often happen naturally without any input from us.

Debbie Huxton, who is my coach, says to me ‘step away from the package’ and she is always right. The moment I stop trying to force something to happen, often wasting my time trying to control others, then amazingly things start to work out.

Focus on you and not on trying to change/control others.

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