Today was an off day and I don’t care

Today has been a funny old day to be honest. I woke up this morning feeling totally whacked and without any energy at all. I was up early yesterday, then went to bed late and to be honest, as a self-employed ‘JellyBeanpreneur’, I do work silly hours most of the time.

So it is no surprise that occasionally it all catches up with you, especially as I rarely take any days off.


Now in the past, I used to feel guilty about just turning over and going back to sleep for a bit, although with 2 kids getting ready for school, sleep was not really what I had, more like disturbed napping between outbreaks of arguing.

Anyway at about 9am, I laid in bed, opened up my Chromebook to start doing some work and I thought nah, I really am not in the mood for this at all today, I just feel like shit and I am really tired.

As I said in the past, I would stressed about not doing work, I would have felt guilty and then later on I would have beaten myself up about the wasted time etc.

So I grabbed my phone and lay in bed playing Temple Run, which can be very addictive, and then after a bit got up, made myself some poached eggs on toast and then went back to bed.

I watched some Netflix for a while and then around midday had lunch and did some work then.

The most important thing was, that I relaxed, as I didn’t feel at all guilty and instead of being stressed or resentful about not being able to switch off, I actually then felt more motivated to do some work this afternoon,

The thing is in life, we often get so fixed on this idea that everything has to be done now, that you have to fill everyday and that you must keep going whatever. The reality is you don’t have too.

Now if you do nothing all day everyday, then apart from that being immensely boring, it isn’t going to get you very far in life. However, on the flip side, if you never have a break, never just say ‘fuck it I’m not working today’, then you are going to burn out.

There are very, very, very few things in life that can’t wait a day to be done and your life isn’t going to end if you have one day, when you’re not feeling at your best or most motivated, that you just do nothing, or do other non work things that you enjoy.

There is a real benefit some times to just switching off from your normal daily routine and just spending time watching a film, playing PlayStation, reading, etc. Anything that helps you take a mental break from it all.

So today was a great day – I just switched off and I did it without guilt, worry or stress. I’ll be right back on it again tomorrow and feeling refreshed from the fact that I put the brakes on for one day.

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