One day away from an Albatross

Today is just one day away from being an albatross and that’s not to be sniffed at! It means I will have completed 30 days of writing my 750 words each day in a row without missing a single day.


It’s funny by having the arbitrary levels, that they have set, motivates me to keep going, I mean all I get is an online badge with a graphic of an albatross on it, it’s not like I even get a picture and I am certainly not going to be given the real thing as an award. Not that I’d know what to do with a real albatross, that has a wingspan of 12 feet. Plus I guess a real albatross would eat a lot of fish and smell pretty bad.

It shows that by having something to aim for no matter how small, has a big impact on our focus. It isn’t about the badge itself, it’s actually about the status of it and that as you write more and more, without a break, and as you write quicker, you reach an elite of writers on 750 words.

This is interesting in life, that we are often driven by very odd things. People set off thinking that it is going to be all about money and the perceived status that can be bought by money. As you get more money, you can naturally upgrade your status by having bigger and better stuff than the ‘Jones’ and therefore have more bragging opportunities.

However, most people work out that the money motivation wears thin pretty quickly and that it only tends to lead to dissatisfaction when you cant keep up. You then feel like you have failed because you can’t afford the next financial upgrade to your life.

Anyway so my point about the badges in 750 words is, that they were put there by the guys who wrote the app and they decided that 30 days of continuous writing was to be awarded an albatross. It could have been 28 days and you get a goat or 35 days and you get a goldfish.

The fact is that badge is enough to keep me going, especially as I have got closer and closer to it. Also the other factor in this, once you have gone so far from the ‘shore’ you feel less like giving up, as you have put so much in already. I have invested now approximately 14 hours of writing and about 22K words.

Therefore, the trick to this is to find other areas of your life that you can apply this to. After all, I can set my own badges for my own goals that I can achieve. In fact not just a badge, but a reward as well as a badge.

The badge is the recognition, the status symbol, that to be honest we all need in life. Not a materialistic badge, as they are just shallow.

So I am going to think overnight and add to my routines some badges that I can add, like to my weight loss target, to my marketing goals, in fact to any target or goal that I have set myself in my biz or life.

The next step is to then add a reward to each stage that I reach. Rewards are a critical part of success. Now for example, each pound I take off on the way to my target weight of 15 stone by end of October, I could reward myself with chips and a doughnut – joking. But I could say that each pound I lose, I could put some money towards a massage or some new sports kit etc.

It is important to celebrate success and it is important to get recognition from peers/family/friends. The measure of what success looks like is personal to all of us and it only you that can decide.

Success is a funny thing, that we tend to often look at it in very black & white terms. It’s either 100% success or we have failed. There is often no in between, we have it hounded into us that 2nd place is a failure. Life needs to be lived in the grey zone. Therefore we need to have a different outlook on success and realise that we rarely achieve 100% total success and therefore, we need to say that partial success is OK and isn’t a failure.

Failure really does not belong anywhere, as it is an opportunity to learn and then to be forgotten about and moved on from.

So add badges to your goals and celebrate the steps to your realistic success.

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