My mind gym

This is my mind gym,, I love this 20-25 minutes each day, sometimes it’s good enough to release on the world via my blog and sometimes it is just private thoughts and ramblings, which would only make interesting reading to me or disturbed people.

So these 20 minutes that I write my 750 words each day is firstly a great discipline and more importantly, it is a place that I can exercise my brain.

This is an area that very few, me included until very recently, focus on. We all think about what we eat and what exercise we could be doing or are actually doing.

There is a lot of focus on physical exercise and that is very important to our health. However, the exercising of the mind is important to our mental and physical well being.

Our minds control everything that happens in our lives and it determines whether we are healthy or not physically.

Many illnesses, some of the most chronic, are result of stresses in our lives. These stresses are caused by a number of factors, however, it is our mind that determines how we deal with these stresses and determines what effect these stresses have on our physically health.

For me it is important to put down in writing a review of what happened during the day and to put down what my thoughts were. To write about my reactions to events that happened.

It’s important, as it allows me to think about the situations and learn where I could have dealt with situations to get a better outcome in the future.

Often, our lives just go by without us realising and certainly without pausing to take stock of things that have occurred.

So doing this writing everyday allows me to press the pause button in my head and to scan back over the day to take stock and think about things.

The other thing that this writing is good for, is to celebrate my successes for the day and to think about my goals and what I could do the next day to get closer to them.

Some people have no goals and certainly none that are ever put in writing. Others spend so much time planning and writing goals and targets, that they actually forget the doing part.

A review of my progress is important to me and it allows me to continue the focus. It is important to feel that you are moving forward to towards your goals. It is important to recognise progress and give yourself a pat on the back for your achievements.

I never use this to beat myself up, although I do use this sometimes to deal with things that are preying on my mind.

I pick a particular worry/concern and write down what it is. I then think of all the worst possible outcomes, then say ‘so if that happens…then what next?’. I repeat this for each outcome and keep going ‘so if x happens, then this will be next and then this’. Eventually the process leads to the fact that you can deal with every outcome, however bad you can imagine it to be.

Then you realise, having actually put them down in writing, when you read them back through, nearly all of the outcomes lead to nothing that you can’t handle and I often laugh at how silly 99% of them seem on reflection.

The other exercise I do at my mind gym, is to write down the things that I am grateful for and the positive thoughts that I have had that day.

So it is not all about exercising the gremlins, demons and worries. It is also about writing and reminding myself of the good things that are going on each day.

So this mind gym that I do each day has a number of exercises that I do and that enables me to keep my mind super fit and healthy. So if you don’t have a membership to a mind gym, I strongly recommend getting one.

I go for a family walk nearly every evening for 3 miles or so, which gives me a chance to spend family time combined with physical exercise. After that it’s off to the mind gym.

Since the 1st September, this has become the most important thing to me on a daily basis, it clears my head, recharges my brain, helps me to express my thoughts more precisely, helps me reduce worry, helps relieve stress and gives me a real confidence boost.

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