OK, so here we go – I’m joined up to 750words.com

I need to get my writing into shape and I was recommended this site by my mate Bernie Mitchell, who is always into cool shit before anyone else. Maybe some of the cool stuff he’s into, no one ever gets into!! But I think it’s super cool and that’s what counts.

Is writing 750 words a day really that hard? Well I am up to over 60 and I’m starting to think yes, ha that’s used up another 15 words.

So I want to be a writer, what does that involve? Well pretty damn obvious really. It involves WRITING.

It’s been a while since I have written regularly and like everything in life, it’s all about habit and discipline. Just do a little everyday and do something that doesn’t feel to much like hard work and slowly but surely, if you stick at it for long enough, it becomes a habit.

That’s 165 words now, only another 530 to go.

Why would someone use this site? You could just type on Google docs and count the words. Well having just started on this now today, I get it. As I type every word the word count goes up on the bottom of the screen, it’s so addictive already, 219, 220, 221……… (.’s don’t count, nor do spaces).

It’s also the fact that there is a box to write in everyday, so there’s a plan in place already. Also, I have sense of purpose and a feeling of freedom that I can just type anything, as it’s my space, my words, my writing.

Will I share these ramblings with anyone or will I just keep it all stored here for my own amusement? (if you are reading this, you’ll know I have shared it, that’s another 10+ words used up).

The ping & buzzes of social media are calling me on my phone and I am trying now not to be distracted. These messages will be so urgently important that I must break off now and read them. Well actually they can wait.

Nearly half way.

So this for me is another one of my steps towards change, I am removing slowly but surely, one by one all my gremlins.

I have just finished reading ‘The Chimp Paradox’ by Prof Steve Peters, I don’t often read books by ‘Profs’, in fact I don’t think I have read any books by a ‘Prof’ since leaving school.

This book, among a short list of others I have read in the last 2 years, is a life changer. In fact I would be bold enough to say, that life will never by the same after reading this. It’s almost like discovering the meaning of life and like anything so dramatic, not likely to ever be forgotten.

474 words now by the way, are you still finding it interesting? Well I am and in about 258 words I’ll shut up until tomorrow.

Anyway, back to ‘The Chimp Paradox’, part of this book teaches you that you need to remove all the negative gremlins, that we fill our ‘computer’ section of our brains with and replace them with positive auto-pilots.

I have had a habit, like most of us I would guess, of telling myself I am not good at something or can’t do something. This has to stop and this kind of negative thoughts have to be removed.

Like all habits good or bad, you can change them. However, as in all things in life you have to work at it, be disciplined and do it every day.

One of the things I have been tackling, among others, is that I have always told myself I am no good at running, ‘it’s my build’ etc etc fill-in the excuses. So I have started running, just very short distances to start and then I have slowly been building it up. I now believe I can run and this has shown me I can now tackle other gremlins.

Shit only 75 words to go, so few left and now I’m in the flow I want more words.

750words.com is going to help me tackle my writing gremlin, I am going to stop using that old chestnut of an excuse that I don’t have enough time.

What happens when I reach 750 words I wonder? Will it be like a tweet, I won’t be able to add anymore? I am going to find out in about 1 word……..

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