Do you know what? We’ve been fed a crock of shit

Do you know what? We’ve all been fed a big crock of shit.

The fact is that since the 1950s until now we’ve been sold the dream, but the dream is only for a very tiny few and in reality that dream is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

We’ve all been brought up to go to school, university – get good grades, then get a career, get promoted, get more money, get a bigger house, bigger car, a bigger TV, more expensive this and that.

We work for others all our lives, work as hard as we can, to consume more and more.

We then get to a certain age and retire. Next stop – death.

Well I’m out. That is no longer what a growing number of people worldwide want, yet the system still peddles that outdated nonsense. Why? Because it can’t survive if we don’t all do as we are told and keep consuming and working hard to follow that ‘dream’.

The sum total of our lives will be a chronological route march from one materialistic milestone to the next, with zero time for people and nothing more than a pile of credit card receipts and a heap of dissatisfaction that some other person has bigger and better stuff than us.

The only winners in this endless cycle of consumption are the select few – that top 1%, who globally have all the real wealth and power. Take a look at this if you need convincing more:

However, there is a choice and now is the time to act. It is the time to change and turn our backs and bypass this old school world that has shafted most of us all our lives.

Thanks to the internet and social media, we can now ignore that old world and pursue the dreams that we have and live a life that is not measured in shallow terms such as money and material goods. We can collaborate with others, help others, share ideas and work for the things that really matter in life – happiness and people.

If you choose the path of worshipping things and money, then you will be forever chasing that unfulfilling dream that only keeps a very select few holding all the power, many of whom are not happy anyway.

It’s time to start living the life that you want and not what others want you to live. Don’t work 9-5 for somebody else’s dream.

Start your own thing, chase your dream and share and work with others to achieve theirs too. If we share our resources with others, i.e. share our knowledge capital, then this will start to take away the power that the top 1% holds.

The next decade can be one of the most defining periods in history – a chance to use the power of the internet, social media, collaboration and really embrace the sharing economy and the change that is possible.

Become part of it, become part of the connected generation, embrace the ideas of helping others, understand abundance and measure prosperity in terms of people not money.

We stand at the fork in the path, one way is real change, where finally the old order is challenged and people are truly put first. The other is to continue along the path of consumerism, capitalism, where you will be a drone forever, unsatisfied, chasing a dream that is a crock of shit.

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