My 30 day challenges, day 21 – by Philip Dodson

Today is the end of the third week, for 21 days I have 100% stuck to all 8 challenges. When I started off, I was unsure on one or two of them, especially the no booze and most of all, the getting up every day at 5.45 am, including weekends.

However, as the habits are well and truly formed, I actually do most of them automatically now. Just shows that having a goal and working on it every day really does work.

So here is today’s pic of the Angry Birds sticker album that I bought for my daughter.

pic 21

My daughter sat there happily finding the right page to match the numbered sticker to, marking them off at the back and we’ve all been there when you get two of the same. But then half the fun of collecting stickers is swapping them with mates. I used to love collecting the football ones as a kid.

Today has been a day of mainly relaxation and family time. I did my exercises first thing this morning, I then went for a bike ride and the rest of the day was spent with my family.

When you run a business, especially at the start like I am, it is challenge to spend time with your family. However, it is essential that I set time aside to do so, otherwise I feel I will lose focus on the reason that I do, what I do. It isn’t for money, it’s to do something that I am passionate about and it’s to all to do with my family.

I even got to make home made pizzas today, which is one of my specialities and the kids love it as there is no veg involved!!!

Tomorrow starts another busy week and I am looking forward to it as always and I am glad I had time today to switch off with Team Dodson.

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