My 30 day challenges, day 13 – by Philip Dodson

Today is Saturday, day 13 of my 8 “30 day” challenges and I’m really finding it easier now, I’ve done nearly two weeks, so I’m even more determined now not to give in. Life and business is all about determination and never, ever, ever, ever giving in.

So today I’m at the hub for our regular @RockStarYouth1 aka RockStarYouth Start-Up Loans incubator events, that we host most Saturday’s. The picture today is of the group at the hub.

pic 13

They are all young people and this is the exact same profile that we see every time. This is proof to me how the world is shifting towards more and more people running their own business. All these guys are here today, to secure a start-up business loan, whereas not too long ago, they would be looking for work at a job centre or online.

Self-employment, either through choice or through necessity, is going to be the norm in the developed world within 10 years. In fact the generation Y and Millenials are not bought in to the corporate career path, in fact the complete opposite. They will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025 – they don’t worship money, only 11% of them see it as a measure of success.

Work is now no longer a place, it’s an activity that can be done anywhere. However, what makes any business a success is people. So the work activity must be done with others. Not all the time, but if you stay at home every day, then you’ll be isolated and will become demotivated.

So along with this global rise in self-employment, there is a worldwide growth in co-working space, as it is the perfect place for this entrepreneurial revolution to thrive in.

Co-working offers community and that’s what we all need to succeed in business. People is what matters.

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