My 30 day challenges, day 12 – by Philip Dodson

Today is day 12 and we did a MacMillan World’s Greatest Coffee Morning at the hub and with plates of delicious looking cakes to tempt me, it was hard not to buckle on the ‘no chocolate’. However, determined not to give in after 12 days, I didn’t waiver.

It was a great morning, we raised over £200 for the Macmillan Cancer Support and a big thanks to Nikki, Jennifer & Dee for helping organise and collect money.

So today’s picture comes from a visit to my mate @pointandstare aka Lee Rickler, who is a WordPress genuis and top notch website builder.

The picture is of his rather unique Lego Nexus phone and tablet stand/charger, which I love.

pic 12

So Lee is someone who I have met through 4Networking and is another person in my life that I feel privileged to have got to know. He is a person who is genuinely willing to help people and does it without a fuss. The world would be better if we all were willing to give and help others like Lee, without always looking for the immediate gain. He’s a person you’d want on your team, as he wouldn’t let you down.

That’s what to me is the future for business and life in general. Businesses and people working together in communities, where everyone works for each others gain and the focus is on people. That doesn’t mean that your business can’t make money, far from it. But make the profit for people not to gain more things.

Share, help, collaborate and focus on people.

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