EU, in or out?


The debate about Europe or the EU, or anything else for that matter, could be looked at in a different and more positive way.

Before looking at whether we should be part of the EU or not, or part of any organisation or not, surely we could ask what is the purpose of the EU? what is it for? Why does the EU exist? Should we even have an EU or is there an alternative OS that could be better.

We seem to never question improving it, simply ‘in or out?’.

The vote for in or out is one based largely on nationalism versus union of states/federalism. The ones against the EU, typically, tend to be seeking a return to nationalism, they tend to be anti-immigration and freedom of movement. They are isolationists, conservative and seeking to go backwards in time.

In an ever more digitalised world, with a huge rise in nomads, remote workers and self-employment, is nationalism or federalism the answer. Perhaps we could be looking to create a borderless world, where the many run the world for the many, not a few running it for a few.

The ‘out’ camp never seems to seek reform or creating an alternative, they seem to just want to abandon ship and run. But what alternative solution are they offering to the EU?

Do the pro-EU people ever to stop to ask ‘what is the EU for?’. If staying in means accepting the EU as it is, then what is the good of that.

Both the in and out camps actually want the same thing under a different wrapper. Both mean control, both mean putting up with the no longer fit for purpose system of party politics and corruption, whether that comes from Westminster or Brussels really makes no difference.

Whether we have the EU or not, whether the UK stays in the EU, or not, is largely an irrelevance if we do not stop to look at what is its purpose. We need to look beyond the EU and creating alternatives.

Globally, we are controlled by a tiny few, the EU is yet another bureaucratic tool there to ensure our compliance with the wishes of the truly powerful.

The EU and all governments simply do what the elite want.

So stay in or opt out, it makes no difference.

Worry more about TTIP, TPP, Monsanto and other global corporations. Worry more about the over-consumption, especially of meat and simply devastating effect it is having on the environment. Worry more about global pharmaceutical companies and their impact on our health. Worry more about the tiny elite who hoard all the power, wealth and resources. Worry about the terror and war they are creating globally to enhance their position and further their total dominance.

Stop worrying whether we are part of a bureaucratic club or not, whether we have rules to decide how big our apples should be or not. Start challenging what the people who really control us are doing and question more the things that matter.

The world needs some alternative systems. The in or out is a like debating IOS or Andriod for your phone, it’s just one OS or another but the same device. The debate could be about a bigger picture, perhaps there is there a different device.

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