International Collaboration Day 16th July 2015

As one of the Founders of International Collaboration Day, I am sharing this with great live discussion we have lined up, as one of the many events happening on 16th July around the world, to promote and celebrate coworking and collaboration.

If you get a chance to join us all live via Periscope, then connect via our Twitter accounts Philip Dodson, Debbie Huxton or Stefan Thomas.

Join our live discussion on collaboration via Periscope @WorkHubs

Panel will be Debbie Huxton, Stefan Thomas & Philip Dodson

icollday 3 International Collaboration Day @Work Hubs Event details

We have invited Debbie Huxtion, Stefan Thomas, and Philip Dodson to chair a interactive discussion on the future of work, networking and collaboration. It will be live on more

About Debbie Huxton

Debbie, creator of the Big Wisdom Project, that will truly change lives, is also a speaker, coach, and author of the Little Book of Big Wisdom…click here to find out more.

About Stefan Thomas

Stefan is a speaker, trainer, author of the best selling Business Networking for Dummies and is leader in the world of business networking. Find out more…..

About Philip Dodson

Philip Dodson entrepreneur and Founder of @Work Hubs, Dodson Commercial and International Collaboration Day #iCollDay. He’s a mentor, blog writer, speaker and passionate here to read more

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