Focus on your customers – it’s free

Focus on your customers, it’s free – by Philip Dodson

Happy customers

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Jay Conrad Levenson and his Guerrilla Marketing. Well there has never been a more apt time than now to adopt his teachings and apply it to your business.

We are living through the digital revolution, the rise of the self-employed, which will be the green shoots of economic recovery for the developed world economies.

However, with all these fledgling start-ups, often being established by young or relatively inexperienced entrepreneurs from ex-corporate backgrounds, there is a danger that if they are not resourceful they will fail.

Jay Conrad Levenson described marketing ‘as every interaction your business has with the outside world’. Essentially marketing is the most important thing in your business.

If you are prepared to be a ‘guerrilla’ marketer and not get caught up in the costly traditional marketing approach, then it won’t cost your start-up business a small fortune that you simply don’t have.

So marketing is about your website, your business card, your pitch, your Tweets, your Facebook page, your newsletter, how you answer the phone, your email address, your invoice, and so on.

However, one of the biggest aspects that people overlook is their existing customer, even if it is just a few when you start out or possibly just one.

Traditional marketing is all about sales, often sales at all costs, ticking a box when it’s done and then onto the next prospect.

Guerrilla marketers realise that it’s not sales, it’s profit that matters and there is a great deal of cost involved in getting the sale, so why not focus on keeping the ones you have got happy.  Statistically 60% plus of all customers are lost after the initial transaction due to apathy after the sale and poor follow up.

Delivering great service and following up with your existing clients costs very little. Not only will great service cost you very little to deliver, but, neither does good follow-up. That can be via newsletters, surveys, regular phone calls, offers, updates, events, face-to-face meetings, just by giving and not taking all the time and so on.

Keeping customers means lower cost repeat business and more importantly will lead to testimonials, word-of-mouth and referrals. A considerably less expensive form of marketing and likely to have significantly higher conversion ratios.

So before any spending on getting new customers, think first about making the ones you do have big advocates of you – get them to love what you do for them and finding new ones will get 100 times easier.

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