Working for yourself should never be by yourself

Working for yourself should never be by yourself – by Philip Dodson


Self-employment is on a massive increase right across the developed world. This has been part by choice and part forced upon people through lack of paid-for-employment opportunities.

For many it may well be the first time in their lives that they have been otuside the pampered and protected surroundings of the corporation – away from other people.

As I have said in other posts, setting up a business is easier than it has ever been – all you need is a good idea and an internet connection. However, the tricky bit as always is making that business a success.

A fatal thing, when you have just set up, is to isolate yourself and this often happens for cash strapped start-ups.

Initially, many think that it is a good idea to work from home all the time, as it saves money and also enables you to work without noise and distraction.

This is the worst thing to do all day every day. It doesn’t matter how dedicated or driven you are, you will end up going stir crazy, you will watch TV, walk the dog, pop to the shops, finish the ironing and for certain make yourself a great lunch and spend 45 minutes enjoying it.

All businesses are about people and to be a success you must interact, share ideas, collaborate and connect with others if you are to win.

Also you need a ‘working’ environment in order to get the right motivation and discipline to focus on your work.

The growing solution for the ‘army’ of newly self-employed is to co-work in a co-working hub and to get all the benefits of being around others, sharing ideas, finding new opportunities. However, without the noise of a coffee shop or the commitment of an office.


So simply put working for yourself should never be by yourself.

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